ORSA is the forestry mulcher for tractors by TIERRE. It is suitable for maintenance work on the undergrowth and for the cleaning of uncultivated areas where there are bushes and brambles that are tough to cut up to 30cm in diameter.

The rotor is equipped with carbon steel blades that rotate around the fixing of 360 ° and that allows you to perform demanding jobs while preserving the integrity of the machine.


The group will postpone a double operation.

These features are combined with a series of sophisticated technical features that make ORSA a reliable and durable machine.


  • Fixed centered linkage Cat.2 – ORSA

  • Fixed centered linkage Cat.3 – ORSA SUPER

  • Oil bath transmission with free wheel

  • Toothed belts

  • Rotor bearings with double oscillating roller

  • Electronically balanced rotor

  • Rotor diameter 500 mm -ORSA

  • Rotor diameter 600 mm – ORSA SUPER

  • Cutting speed 52 m / sec

  • 2 rows of counter knives – ORSA

  • 3 rows of counter knives – ORSA SUPER

  • Height adjustable skids

  • Protection chains

  • Supporting slides

  • Anti-deformation protection bar

  • Centralized greasing system