Accuracy, versatility and simplicity of use are the main aims of the design and production philosophy from which the HORNET shredder with grass collector originated.
The multiple configuration rotor allows the use of the machine for seasonal jobs, such as the cutting of the grass in spring and summer and the collection of leaves in autumn, ensuring continuous use of the machine and a rapid return on investment.

The cutting quality, with millimetre height adjustment, is guaranteed by the particular rotor configuration which results in similar results to those obtained with a helical cut.
HORNET also supports soil aeration tools for performing operations that encourage nourishment of the soil.

Time saving is essential for competitive management of grass maintenance operations.
HORNET allows grass to be cut and harvested and at the same time aeration of the ground with a single pass.

At the same time, by means of the “mulching” configuration, it is possible to discharge the grass clippings during cutting without using the collecting bin.
HORNET is enabled for road transport and is equipped with automatic belt tensioner.
HORNET application areas are numerous: sports grounds and golf courses, pastures, airports and airfields, paddocks, camping areas and private and public parks.



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  • Tractor linkage Cat.I

  • Oil sealed transmission with free wheel

  • Supporting slides height adjustable

  • Toothed belts

  • Rotor bearings with double oscillating roller

  • Electronically balanced rotor

  • Electronically balanced transmission pulleys

  • Rotor diameter 194mm

  • Self cleaning supporting roller adjustable in height

  • Roller diameter 194mm

  • Counter blade

  • Cutting speed 52 m/sec

  1. Great extension and horses paddock

  2. Transportable on roads



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