will be available on the market from 2020

LEONA, is a shredder stalks, the answer to the intensive processing needs of farmers working on large areas, in the most difficult and heavy conditions. A machine for corn, straw, soy, grass, beetroot and set aside stalks.

LEONA also represents a solution for farmers and contractors active in international markets such as Ukraine, the United States, South America, Australia and South-East Asia. In these countries the cultivation of rice and cotton require shredding operations which involve a very high abrasion of the sheet.

An innovative reworking of the double body, allows to easily change the exhaust configuration so as to obtain maximum versatility. Furthermore the double shell is covered in HARDOX 450, Swedish steel, characterized by hardness, resistance and tenacity, which extends the life of the equipment and consequently a growth in productivity and savings.

These features ensure that your investment will retain its value over time.


  • Tractor linkage Cat. 2

  • Oil sealed transmission with free wheel

  • Supporting slides height adjustable

  • Toothed belts

  • Rotor bearings with double oscillating roller

  • Electronically balanced rotor

  • Rotor diameter 219 mm

  • Supporting roller with adjustable in height scraper

  • Roller diameter 194 mm

  • Rear removable hatch for maintenance

  • Cutting speed 70m/sec

  • Double frame

  1. Roller with double unloading position

  2. Body with high output

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