Specially studied to work between the rows of plants upon vineyards and orchards the PUMA shredder is the ideal machine to cut grass and vine shoots of any kind.

A series of devices makes it a polyvalent and professional machine.

Between these devices stands out the side of it which is built without sharps so that the machine cannot damage the plants if it touches them during the work.

The machine is also studied to go out at the maximum of the outline of the tractor.

The displacement, that can be found on displaceable versions, is carried out onto a chrome rod that needs NO lubrication.

Other less visible components  but not less important make PUMA a real outside class in its category.

The first element of distinction is the “DOUBLE CUTTING HAMMER” an exclusive TIERRE patent which allows on one side the horizontal cutting and on the other side the vertical one and that than increases the cutting capacity of the shredder.

The second element is the “MULTIAGRESSIVE ROTOR ” which the machine can be equipped with, in this case, too, an exclusive TIERRE conception.

The particularity of this rotor is that it can be equipped with the double quantity of the cutting devices; this innovative solution increases the cutting capacity of the machine, the working speed of it and a better resorption from the soil of the cut material which is very thin.

The third element is the standard double frame which brings to a strong machine able to face a demanding pruning or stony grounds.

The standard equipment also includes a gear box with free wheel and a self cleaning rear roller adjustable in height Upon request it is also possible to get a rear rake which can collect rests of cut material to grind them even more markedly.

The PUMA model shredder is available in four versions: fixed one, with mechanical or hydraulic displacement and reversible, all of them with 3 P linkage.



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  • Cat I tractor coupling

  • Transmission into oil bath with free wheel

  • Toothed belts

  • Rotor bearings with oscillating double sphere

  • Rotor electronically balanced

  • Rotor diameter 127 mm

  • Self cleaning roller

  • Roller with scraper adjustable in height

  • Roller diameter 194 mm

  • Cutting speed 45 m/sec

  • Counter blade

  • Sides without sharps to work into vineyards and orchards

  • Double frame

  1. Smoothed side for working in orchards

  2. Ready for harvesting spikes



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