Designed for large farms and outsourcers, the TRL stalk mulchers stand out for their robust construction, which naturally makes them suitable for mulching large areas of stalks.

Perfect for corn, cotton, grass, straw, potato leaves, beet leaves, sugar cane, pineapple plantations, woody material and for the maintenance of uncultivated land.

Tierre offers a range from Single-Transmission and Single-Rotor machines to Double-Transmission and Double-Rotor machines, up to folding mulchers.

Stalk shredder TRL with a drawbar and trailer for road towing are also available upon request.


  • Tractor linkage Cat. 2

  • Oil sealed transmission with free wheel

  • Toothed belts

  • Rotor bearings with double oscillating roller

  • Electronically balanced rotor

  • Rotor diameter 194mm

  • Supporting roller with adjustable in height scraper

  • Roller diameter 194mm

  • Rear removable hatch for maintenance

  • Cutting speed 60 m/sec

  1. Rotor suitable for different crops

  2. High efficiency gearbox

  3. Rotor supports in monobloc casting

trl-mr-mt- caratteistiche-tecniche-2021.